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Group Leader (KleinesKind Gruppen)

Swiss PreKindergarten GmbH (www.apple-tree.ch)

Seestrasse 17
8703 Erlenbach
Kanton Zürich



Group Leader (KleinesKind Gruppen)

Päd. Fachpersonal (Miterzieherin, Gruppenleitung etc.)

80% - 100%

15. Februar 2022

From Februar 2021 the Apple Tree is seeking a Swiss recognised or qualified childcarer - Fachfrau Kinderbetreuung or equivalent to lead a small children's group of 6 to 8 children with a team of 2-3 other childcarers.

The Blossoms and Explorers teams consists of Co Group Leaders working with an apprentice and a Praktikantin.

The Apple Tree in Erlenbach is a recognised childcare and early years facility licensed by Kanton Zurich in the Gemeinde of Erlenbach.

We offer day care for children aged from 6 months until school age, in four groups with children, settled into their groups which are structured according to the age of the children. There is a baby/toddlers group, and two pre-kindergarten groups for ages 2-4 years and an after-kindergarten facility.

This position is the baby and toddler group. The facility is bilingual English and German.

An overview of the duties is as follows:
• Leading a group for children aged 18-35 months of age (up to 10 children per day).
• Supervision and group leading of up to three personnel, including an apprentice and an intern. Introducing them to good practice and correct methods in the institutional early years setting.
• Managing a hygienic and safe environment for the group. Ensuring the safety of the children and the staff inside and outside of the facility by resolving and reporting any problems early to the management.
• Ensuring that the concepts of the institution are implemented during the daily activities for the group with some participation in daily rotas (eg kitchen, maintenance of infrastructure via "Amtli" by some of your team members during the day for up to one hour per day).
• Planning age appropriate activities for the group and managing a small related budget each month.

Your qualifications and experience will include:
• A Swiss recognised qualification such as FaBe or Kindererzieherin (SBFI or EDK recognised) for early years (ages 0-Kindergarten).
• At least two years work experience as a group leader post qualification and preferably obtained in Switzerland or a high quality institutional setting.
• Initiative and insight into daily workings and a solution based approach to issues.
• A native speaker of English or German is preferred.
• You understand how to work with ages toddlers aged from 18 months upwards.
• Experience of supervising interns or apprentices in the group setting.
• Excellent interpersonal skills - ability to work with children, parents and team members.

Please send your application per email (scanned PDF preferred) - a CV, Swiss Qualifications and last two available references. Please email to happy@apple-tree.ch. We do not require postal applications.

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