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Inserate-Nummer 2139696

Inserate-Nummer 2139696

Kita Wunderkind

Alfred Escher-Strasse 38
8002 Zürich
Kanton Zürich


English Assistant 100% Pre-K Group Only Native Speaker

Päd. Fachpersonal (Miterzieherin, Gruppenleitung etc.)

50% - 80%, variabel

by agreement

Kita Wunderkind is a bilingual Preschool in Enge, directly behind the Swiss Life. We are a state-approved preschool with bilingual instruction in German and English (60/40). Our committed instructors accompany and support children ( 3 months – pre-kindergarten) age-separated and according to our self-designed.
Job Description:

We are looking to hire a part time/full-time English Assistant Preschool Teacher (only NATIVE English-speaker) for our pre-kindergarten group.

Essential requirements:

English as mother tongue
The ability to FOCUS on child education
Work ethic and self initiative
Interested in a long term collaboration

How to apply:

A complete application should be sent by email
A full CV with photo and all the certificates, reference letters should be included

Kita Wunderkind
Larisa Velea, Kita Manager

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Kita Wunderkind
Larisa Velea