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Inserate-Nummer 1824085

Inserate-Nummer 1824085

bilingual globegarden childcare next to the lake

Farbstrasse 31
8800 Thalwil
Kanton Zürich

Teacher (Native English) for a Prekindergartengroup, 80-100%

Päd. Fachpersonal (Miterzieherin, Gruppenleitung etc.)

80% - 100%

July 2018 or by agreement

*** bilingual globegarden childcare next to the lake ***

Bright and colourful early learning childcare center and kindgarten in the traditional Farb-Areal. Bilingual concept for families and children close to the Thalwil train station.

Farbstrasse 31 / Seidenstrasse 31, 8800 Thalwil

How to get there
500m from the train station Thalwil

Forest day | Gym class at the gym | Children’s yoga for the kindergarten class Library day for the kindergarten class | Generations together: Cooperation with Serata (home for the elderly)

See photos of the center:

Center size

Babygroup (3-18M) - 8 children
Babygroup (3-18M) - 8 children
Two's group (18M-4Y) - 12 children
Prekindergarten (3-5Y) - 18 children
Kindergarten (4-6Y) – 18 children

Opening hours
7.00am - 7.00pm (no annual closing – which allows you be more flexible in planning your holidays)

(Swiss)German & English
Of course you do not have to be fluent in German, however a willingness to understand and learn are appreciated

Balanced Nutrition
On-site Kitchen and chef

Annual Program
- One big excursion a month, e.g. to the zoo, airport, farm, food or flower markets or to a museum
- Project weeks as for example: Week of Switzerland in August
- Parties, as for example Halloween, Carnival, National day, Light Festival or local holidays
- Traditions and customs (e.g. local fairs)
- Project work along the annual program of the center

What do we offer? Read more…

Apply now: or via our homepage:
Please notice that we cannot return any written application by mail.

globegarden childcare centers
Giulia Elsaesser, Personalbetreuerin
043 542 17 03

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Giulia Elsaesser