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Inserate-Nummer 1825673

Inserate-Nummer 1825673

Start with our team in our new opening in BERN at THUNPLATZ!

Thunstrasse 80a
3006 Bern
Kanton Bern

Childcare Educator (Diploma in education required)

Päd. Fachpersonal (Miterzieherin, Gruppenleitung etc.)

60% - 90%, Teilzeit

28. Januar 2018

- Waldtag
- Children's gymnastics in the gym
- Children's farm
- Children's yoga

Own kitchen with cook

Annual Program
- One big excursion a month, e.g. to the zoo, airport, farm, food or flower markets or to a museum
- Project weeks as for example: Week of Switzerland in August
- Parties, as for example Halloween, Carnival, National day, Light Festival or local holidays
- Traditions and customs
- Project work along the annual program of the Center

Babygroup (3-18M) - 9 children
Two's group (18M-4J) - 18 children

opening hours
7.00 - 19.00h; (no annual closing – which allows you to be more flexible in planning your holidays)

(Swiss)German & English
Of course you do not have to be fluent in German, however a willingness to understand and learn are appreciated.

Thunstrasse 80, 3006 Bern

How to get there
Tram 7 & 8 oder Bus 19 28, M4 & M15, Station: Thunplatz

Faster invitation for you! Apply directly via our homepage:

Please notice that we cannot return any written application by mail.

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Carolin Sachse, Human Resources
043 542 17 03

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